What Is The Best Online Streaming Music Service?

With the burgeoning advancement of streaming technology, the internet is quickly taking hold as the go to source for all forms of entertainment. Before long, owning physical copies of media such as albums may well be seen as a thing of the past. It’s best to get accustomed to listening to music this way now, because it’s only going to become more relevant and widespread with time. With so many options popping up all over the place however, it begs the question of which online streaming service is best.Besides search engine optimization, the top music streaming companies are utilizing a whole plethora of marketing methods. The below video is the newcomer on the block.

As of now, Spotify has taken hold as the biggest name in music streaming. So long as an artist gives permission, the service is home to an impressively wide array of songs in all manner of genres. It comes in two forms: free, where your songs are interrupted by occasional ads, and a premium service where you get to listen to whatever you want without any commercials for a small monthly fee. The service even lets you compile playlists for quick reference later on. Compatible with most electronic devices – and even available as a handy Facebook app – the convenience of Spotify is winning over more and more people each day.

Of course, the old standby Pandora may still be worth checking out, and Google Play is making a name for itself as well. SEO Companies in Detroit have helped other smaller DJ’s even make their names known on soudcloud through search engines. Having so many worthwhile choices is nothing but a good thing, as the competition will only push each service to improve itself and offer even more to its patrons. Before the advent of streaming music, listening to a wide array of music for no cost was virtually impossible. Now, it’s easier than ever to lose yourself in an entire world of soundscapes for next to no cost at all. The future is now, as they say, and it’s a beautiful thing.




Some Recent News

Sirius Satellite taps Wayne Mayo. Mayo is the new Format Manager for the Classic Soul and R&B Oldies formatted program, Soul Revue, and the Classic Rap formatted program Back Spin. Mayo previously was the APD at New York’s WWPR-FM/Power 105.1. (3/11)
Bionce Foxx

Kesha Monk exits her slot as the mid-day personality at WGCI-FM in Chicago. Replacing Monk is late-nighter Bionce Foxx. Look for Kesha Monk to resurface on the air waves in the very near future. (3/11)

With that being said, Program Director Elroy R.C. Smith has announced the new weekday line-up and here it is:

5AM – 10AM Crazy Howard McGee, Tony Sculfield, Nikki Woods and Ty Wansley
10AM – 2PM Bionce’ Foxx
2PM – 6PM Sam Sylk
6PM – 10PM Mike Love & The Diz (The Bad Boyz)
10PM – 2AM First Lady (Whispers in The Dark)
2AM – 5AM Chris Michaels (3/11)

In related Chi-town news…

Lisa Finkle leaves Clear Channel’s WGCI-FM to executive produce the DaVante “The Stone Pony” Stone’s new morning show at cross-town rival Crawford Broadcasting’s WPWX-FM. Ms. Finkle was the executive producer for the Crazy Howard McGee.(3/11)

ASCAP’s Rhythm & Soul Team is presenting its L.A. Swapmeet on Monday, March 22, 6pm to 8:30pm at the Temple Bar, 1026 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica. ASCAP writers are asked to bring two of their hottest joints to the Swapment so that other members, recording artists, producers, etc. can check out the music. The evening is being hosted by Big Jon, SVP of EMI Music Publishing & Virgin Records. (3/10)